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Salon Series: The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere

January 18, 2024


Objectivity in science – an ideal worth striving for or a harmful illusion?

Objectivity, the (former?) cornerstone of scientific inquiry, has been challenged by constructivists who argue that knowledge is not independent of the knower, even in science. They contend that scientific knowledge is shaped by the cultural and theoretical frameworks of scientists, leading to inherent biases and subjectivity. This position questions the traditional notion of scientific objectivity and suggests that scientific knowledge, like all knowledge, is perspectival. Critique of this critique again has been raised on several layers, including the accusation that this constructivist standpoints leads to relativity of knowledge and has been a door opener for the digital post-truth era and anti-science standpoints within society.

Date and time: January 18, at 7pm. The official part of the event normally takes around two hours and will be followed by some informal drinks.

Location: We are meeting at the Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institute, Rothenbaumchaussee 36, 20148 Hamburg.

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